The Conference on Human Microbiome and Chronic disease

May 12 - 13, 2018, China National Convention Center, Beijing

About the Conference

Human microbiota has a significant impact on human health, and many diseases including cancer have been associated with specific bacterial species in the gut microbiota. Various initiatives are underway around the world to survey the human microbiota at several body sites, with goals to understand the interactions between human host and the microbiota, elucidating specific role in disease association, which may lead to possible new therapeutic tools for clinical intervention.

The Conference on Human Microbiome and Chronic disease (CHMC 2018), hosted by the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Society of Biotechnologywill be held in China National Convention Center at Beijing ( during May 12-13, 2018. The main conference hall is approx. 6,000 square meters and the number of participants is expected to exceed 2,000, which includes government officials, researchers, doctors, teachers, students and others who are interested in the microbiome and health.

The purpose of CHMC 2018 is to promote research human microbiome and related technology development inside China, and collaboration between Chinese scientists and others worldwide. The CHMC 2018 will be held annually in Beijing thereafter.

The CHMC 2018 will cover a wide range of topics that include:

  • Human gut microbiome and chronic Disease
  • Chronic infections, respiratory tract microbiome and gut microbiota
  • Innate and adaptive immune system and interactions with gut microbiota
  • Human gut microbiota and cancer treatment
  • New bioinformatics tools for microbiome analysis
  • Human gut microbiome in nutrition and metabolism
  • Moving microbiome research into human populations and beyond

We look forward to seeing you in Beijing!

On behalf of the CHMC 2018 committee!

Organizing group

Prof. George Fu Gao

Director of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Prof. Baoli Zhu

Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Program of the Conference (Swipe on the phone)
Time Topic Speaker Institution Host
May 12, 2018 (China National Convention Center)
8:50-9:20Gut bacteria selectively promoted by dietary
fibers alleviate type 2 diabetes
Liping ZhaoThe State University of New Jersey,
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
10:50-11:20Gut microbiome in Health and disease Dusko EhrlichNational Institute for Agricultural Research
12:00-14:00Poster Session
14:00-14:30The skin microbiota in autoimmune skin blistering disease John BainesChristian-Albrechts-University of Kiel Prof.
Xuan Zhang
14:30-15:00Precision health via oral and skin microbiomes Jian XuQingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess
Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
15:00-15:30The mechanism research of the effect of
high fat and abnormal metabolism of intestinal
microflora on the risk of colorectal cancer
Huanlong QinShanghai Tenth People's Hospital Affiliated
with Tongji University
15:30-16:00Tea Break
16:00-16:30Microbiome and autoimmune diseases Xuan ZhangPeking Union Medical College Hospital Prof.
Jian Xu
Andre FrankeInstitute of Clinical Molecular Biology
(IKMB) Kiel University
17:00-17:30Commensal targets host intracellular membrane
trafficking to modulate host physiology
Zhihua LiuInstitute of Biophysics,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
17:30-18:00Poster Session
May 13, 2018 (China National Convention Center)
8:30-9:00Gut Microbiome and Functional Imbalance James J. HoMicrobiome Institute, Peking University Eastern Life Sciences Research Institute Prof.
Baoli Zhu
9:00-9:30 Gut microbiota, nutrition and health Ruifu YangInstitute of Microbiology and Epidemiology,
Academy of Military Medical Sciences
9:30-10:00Tools and Techniques for understanding
the microbiome in chronic disease
Justine DebeliusUniversity of California San Diego
10:00-10:30Tea Break
10:30-11:00 The effects of micronutrient deficiencies
on bacterial species from the human gut microbiota
Matthew HibberdWashington University in St. Louis Prof.
Ruifu Yang
11:00-11:30 Human gut microbiome research in liver
and other diseases
Nan QinShanghai Realbio Technology,
Tenth people's hospital of Tongji university
11:30-12:00 The Antibiotic Resistome; Gene Flow in Enviroments,
Animals and Human Microbiome.
Yongfei HuInstitute of Microbiology,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
12:00-14:00Poster Session
14:00-14:30 A novel technology platform of Intestinal
Stem Cells and 3D intestinal epithelium
Xia WangTsinghua University Prof.
Nan Qin
14:30-15:00Microbiome Data Explosion Huijue JiaInstitute of Metagenomics,BGI Research
15:00-15:30Association Between Gut Microbiota and
CD4 Recovery in HIV-1 Patients
Lu WeiPeking Union Medical College Hospital
15:30-16:00Tea Break
16:00-16:30A standard, comprehensive and integrated
reference dataset established by Promegene for understanding
Chinese Gut Microbiome
Junjie QinShenzhen Promegene Technology Co., Ltd Dr.
Huijue Jia
16:30-17:00Roles of gut microbes in the
pathogenesis and development of obesity, NAFLD,
and diabetes: a systems perspective
Hao WuSahlgrenska University Hospital
University of Gothenburg
17:00-17:30Shed light on the gut“dark matter”– Development
of imaging tools for gut microbiota
Wei WangShanghai Jiao Tong University
17:30-18:00Poster Session
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